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New York City meets Munich

November 18th, 2001 · No Comments · Uncategorized

Not Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom, but…

Kirk and Liz (or Eijo and Bavmorda for you >Clan Lord people) came up to visit >Conny and me in the wild city to blow some of their wedding cash booty. But this was to be no ordinary shopping expedition. They came for the famous Conny View definition in a new window and Alex New York City Kinky Safari Tour™. And we gave it to ’em!

Oh, we did the usual, social stuff too, as well as catching Tubes: Blue Man Group. Scary to think I’ve seen Blue man probably five times now, all but one of those in New York. We tried to hit our respective favorite restaurants too, but in true New York style failed to get a reservation at either Liz’s choice, or our choice. Not that we’re going to run out of alternate choices for dining.

We had great fun doing the safari thang with our curious guests. Liz picked up not one, but two beautiful corsets from the best place in New York City to get corsets: Purple Passion. She would have gotten a third one, but they didn’t have her size.

Then it was off to the Leather Man to look at more toys, and the lucky couple picked up a buttery suede Lashes by Sarah flogger. Both Kirk and Liz were looking forward to the night at Paddles to come, and Liz was ambitious enough to insist upon having a drop dead outfit to wear for it. Since we had the corset, we needed shoes and some other clothing, so it was off to Religious Sex to finish the job.

I’m pleased to say our aspiring kinksters put together a fine outfit. Conny even had time to insist I shim my way into a pair of rubber pants with the help of a lot of straining and too much baby powder. And surprise surprise, since I couldn’t get out of the pants, Conny was forced to buy them for me as an early birthday gift. And, if I do say myself, those pants were hot. Well, they did look hot, too, but I meant they were hot, as in “here comes the sweat.” So now I too, had an outfit for the evening still to come.

Not wanting to shop all the life out of our guests, we headed back to the house to rest up. We combined dinner at home with delivered New York City pizza with a lesson in basic bondage and body harnesses. I’m pleased to say both were pretty fast studies, and I’m even more pleased to say that Conny was the one doing most of the teaching. I was demonstration-boy, mostly, which was fine by me. Made me realize how far my little girl has gone in less than a year.

After the pizza (which was a mistake), Kirk tried his hand at lacing up his wife in the newly acquired corset. It was at this junction that Kirk and Liz learned how deft at corsetry the saleswoman at Purple Passion is. But after a few false starts, and selecting the slightly looser one, Liz was soon a sight to behold. And once she was dressed, the onus was on the rest of us to get ready for our night out, since she didn’t want to have go through the process again twice in one night.

Since we had struck out on finding Kirk a good gladiator outfit, he was dressed rather subdued compared the rest of us, which at Paddles, is never an issue. The two ladies were both corseted, though Conny was wearing a less strict one than Liz, and I was shining away in my new rubber pants.

Paddles did not disappoint. There was a good crowd, a lot of couples, and quite a few scenes going on, perfect for the kinky safari. We guided our guests around to insure they got a good eyeful. I myself was especially taken with the two naked girls secured in a rather awkward position on the floor in spreader bars. The man in the cage with rather strict cock bondage being worked over by a rather cruel woman was interesting to watch as well.

Conny even obliged our guests by doing a brief but by no means half-hearted flogger demonstration on yours truly. The siren call of “whap whap whap” managed to draw quite a crowd even in the short period my good lady was working me over. It’s been a while since I’ve been flogged, since the apartment isn’t the best place for it due to space limitations. I forgot how nice it can be. My good lady is always one to sign her work, though, and I had a few light marks the following day, which pleased both of us.

After Kirk and Liz had an eyeful, we headed home. The day definitely got the creative juices flowing, because the next day, Kirk and Liz wanted to go back to Purple Passion to pick up a few more odds and ends. Good thing these kids were clever enough to leave a lot of room in their bags when they packed. Turns out they needed it all.

Fun was had by all, me thinks. The kinky safari rarely disappoints, especially when the company is so good.

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