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New York City meets Munich

November 15th, 2001 · No Comments · Uncategorized

Kink Kiwi Style

The movie James is talking about is “Preaching to the Perverted.” It’s a good looking movie, gorgeous fetish fashions, and amusing as well. It’s an English film, so it’s good and pervy. It’s also almost impossible to find in the United States, the land of prudes. It was one of the films shown at the first SM View definition in a new window Film Festival here in New York last year.

Glad you liked it, James. It is a wee-bit over the top, at least in how it depicts the day-to-day living of the leading lady. But only a little bit. The party and social scenes are believable though. The story is a tad weak and silly, but the eye candy is pleasant enough.


Oh, and James, naming your recent page “recent” and changing the name later to archive it makes it a pain in the ass for a guy like me to link to you. People who cause link-rot are no different than people who play Clan Lord and keep secrets, if you catch my drift. And would it kill you to put <a name=”dateofpost”></a> at the start of your entries? It’s the web, and people use these little things called “links”, y’know?


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