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Sleepybear, mascot of Travelodge

Over the weekend, >Conny and I had the experience of staying in the Poughkeepsie Travelodge. It wasn’t our initial choice, but it was close to where we needed to be, and other people who were participating in the same event would be staying there too. It is also close to the train station. According to the web page the hotels is “minutes to many outdoor and indoor activities” and I like to be minutes from indoor activities myself, so how could we lose?

We didn’t get to check in until after 11 P.M., and it was then we discovered that Poughkeepsie, in spite of it’s subdued appearance, was much more dangerous than it looked. After 11 at night, the lobby of the hotel is closed, and all transactions with the clerk are through a tiny slit of a window and a security drawer. Made me feel like a secret agent! But it’s nice that the place is security concious… Or at least they are with their own staff. Access to the hotel hallways didn’t require a key card, so anyone could enter from the parking lot. I guess guests are expect to attend to their own security needs.

The room was fairly large, but it could be it just looked really big since it was devoid of any furniture save a bed and a dresser with a television on it. There was a table/desk too, but no chair. No matter, though, since we were just going to relax a bit, and then sleep.

The bed was as comfortable as lying on a railroad track, and the sheets were like sandpaper. There was no way to adjust the heat, so the air conditioner was on, even though it was around 40 degrees outside. There was a booklet listing what was available on HBO, but HBO was scrambled on the television. There was a comment card in the room, filled out from a previous visitor. In October. There were no towels in the room.

Our friends, Ms. M and Ms. J, who had stayed the night previously in one of the rooms, had left a pair of shoes in their room. The secret agent in the booth had no information for them, and told them to come back the next morning to get the day housekeeping staff to retrieve them, since the night housekeeping staff was, well, I don’t think there is a night housekeeping staff. The next morning the housekeeping staff took Ms. J to the room they she stayed in to look, since none of the staff had found anything.

Ms. J found the shoes alright. She found them in the bed. They made the bed with the shoes in it.

I don’t know what I found more disturbing: that housekeeping didn’t notice there were shoes on the bed, or that they didn’t change the sheets after a guest checked out.

Time for an extra shower when we got home. With towels, even.

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