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Losing Count

After eight, I was too distracted to keep track. Luckily for me, Conny View definition in a new window was having too much fun to count them either, but I didn’t know it at the time. When she finally did ask me, I estimated, and said “forty”.

I was off by five, it turns out. It was only thirty-five. We found out, because she made me count them as she took them off. One by one.

Still, thirty-five clothespins is nothing to sneeze at. They all kind of blur together, almost a burning that comes in waves which each breath. I don’t know what was worse, though: putting them on, or taking them off. At least when they started coming off, I knew I was more than half way there.

As difficult as it was, I was flying afterwards. And the good lady had me attend to her needs afterwards, which would ordinarily be greatly enjoyable to me as well, if it were not for the damn chastity device.

A week in this thing is an eternity. It’s the ultimate predicament. What guy doesn’t enjoy being aroused? But with this cruel contraption, arousal is made uncomfortable. But avoiding sexual thoughts and feelings only works for a short time, and then it comes back with a vengence. Each day, the burden gets bigger.

Damn, now I have to go take a cold shower.

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