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New York City meets Munich

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Keeping score

I’m not feeling so chipper about “America’s New War,” to use CNN’s tacky moniker. I’m wondering at what point in the conflict will CNN switch to “America’s New and Improved War”.

Personally, I feel we should fight the war on terrorism at home first, in the policies of our own government, before we start swaggering around the globe in standard righteous American fashion. Besides making us the biggest hypocrites on the planet, it also is planting the seeds of future hatred that will no doubt blossom into horrible acts by people who hate America and its arrogance, and who have nothing else to lose. Dropping bombs on Afghanistan to stop terrorism is like throwing logs at a fire to put it out.

We don’t have a good track record with our “wars:”

With that in mind, you’ll have to excuse me if I think the “War on Terrorism” is only making a bigger mess.

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