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New York City meets Munich

November 6th, 2001 · No Comments · Uncategorized

Dispose of properly

On every seat of the morning train was a notice. The title, in bold, at the top, was

Cleanliness Promotes Security

The document explained that people who discard half-eaten Pixy Sticks, or dump almost empty packets of Sweet n’ Low on the floor, or who over vigorously apply salt and/or pepper to their commuting snack of choice are causing all sorts of delays and problems when other riders worry that Al-Qaeda operatives have ‘thraxed the 7:15 to Trenton and the hazmat teams have to be called in. To avoid this dilemma, the folks at New Jersey Transit request that passengers don’t eat on the train, and to please pick up their newspaper, soda bottle, or other rubbish when they leave.

Sensible enough.

Of course, what’s the first thing people do after they read the notice?

I’m sure the janitor who has clean up all these sheets of paper from the floor of the train is going to savor the irony.

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