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Tangled Web

Halloween seems to be a popular time for >Gomorrah. Never have I seen it as packed as it was last Wednesday night.

>Conny was dressed as the “Black Widow Queen.” We took a nylon spider-web dress, some spider-web stay-up stockings, a stretch miniskirt, and her red corset. Topping it off, was her black china-doll wig, dramatic make up, and a giant spider on her back. No, really. I’m not kidding. We attached it to the back of her corset, and wrapped the legs around her. It looked great. People wear wings, both devil and angel, to Gomorrah when it’s not Halloween, so this had a similar effect.

I was a bit simpler, with a mesh shirt, the usual boots and pouch routine, but supplemented with some wide fishnet pantyhose for a “web effect.” That and we threw a giant rope spider web over me, and wrapped it around, and adorned me with several toy spiders in various places. A bit of makeup on the eyes and two red dots on the throat, and we were ready to go.

One thing we soon discovered is our elaborate outfits didn’t do so well in packed club. Between Conny View definition in a new window’s spider legs, and my dangling bits of web, we were quite the hazards to navigation, for both ourselves and others. We tried not to roam around too much, but even just camping involved getting jostled around quite a bit.

We’d have probably left a lot earlier, because it was just too uncomfortable, but we signed up for the costume contest. We did this before knowing that the contest would start around 2 A.M. Even trying to remain mostly motionless, we had a good time taking in the freaky scene and enjoying our drinks.

When it was time for the contest, we monster mashed our way up to the stage. There were over twenty people in the contest, and with Abby and the other woman helping her, the tiny stage was pretty packed. When we were called up, we hammed it up, with Conny dragging me around by the web, and me falling to my knees. The judges enjoyed it, because we made the first cut, and we were left with the top eight. Since there were four prizes, there was one more round of eliminations, to be determined by the volume of the audience Sadly, we didn’t get picked. I was really hoping to win the 4th prize, which would have been a year of admission to Gomorrah. The winners did have some great costumes, though.

Next year, we’re going to wear expensive latex fetishwear outfits, because it’ll be easier to move around, and it’s apparently what you need to get the crowd to pick you as a winner. Unfortunately, the prize will be offset by the cost of the costume. Abby, the producer of Gomorrah, was kind enough to tell us she loved our costumes, and thought they were the “most Gomorrah-esque”. Next year I want just Abby to judge the contest, dammit.

We took pictures of our costumes on a disposable camera. Assuming that the authorities don’t arrest me when I try to pick up the prints, I may post them here. Then again, I’m not sure I want pictures of me wearing fishnet pantyhose on the web. You probably don’t either. But Conny looked great, so I’ll put those pictures up.

Some day maybe I’ll have a decent digital camera so I can satisfy those instant gratification cravings of my loyal readers.

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