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Grand Night Out

Preparation is often half the fun of going out for a kinky night on the town. Actually, sometimes a lot of fun does happen after the preparation, come to think of it. Still, the preparation is a good part of the fun. Though, some nights, the preparation is even more than half the fun. Where’s my dang fun measuring cup when I need it? In any case, getting ready for the night is a part of the fun, even if I’m not sure how much a part of the fun it really is.

Last night it was fun. >Conny and I were getting ready for the >T.E.S. Annual Costume Halloween Party being held at the Nutcracker Suite. For those playing along at home, the Nutcracker Suite is a house of professional domination here in New York City. In order to run a house of professional domination, besides needing dominants, you also need a good assortment of gear, such as tables, racks, chairs, hooks and attachment points. You also need rooms for the dominants to use all this delightful gear on the patrons. T.E.S. managed to rent the place out, sans dominants, for a pervy pre-Halloween bash.

The afternoon before this we spent running around getting things we need for our costumes for Wednesday. One of the items we picked up was a black “China doll” wig for Conny View definition in a new window. Even though the wig is really for Wednesday, she couldn’t resist giving it a spin for our night at the Nutcracker. I also had some luck turning a rubber dress that Conny didn’t like into a rubber skirt she did like. It’s amazing what you can do with a pair of scissors. When she was done dressing, and doing her hair and makeup, it was like she was a different person.

I, on the other hand, looked like same-old me. I wore one of my usual outfits, though in anticipation of a scene to come, I had made sure to wear my little pouch under my PVC pants.

As we did on a previous night out to >Gomorrah, no one was >collared, but it was understood that I’d present myself to be collared at her request. After all, the collaring is a mini-scene in itself. We packed the toy bag together, and talked about what we might do in the night to come.

The taxi dropped us off outside the nondescript building which contained the Nutcracker Suite. We rode the excruciatingly slow elevator up to the 9th floor, and started our tour of the place. We said our hellos to our friends, checked out each of the rooms, and checked out the scenes in progress.

The atmosphere was different from Paddles, mostly as a result of the layout. There were only four rooms to play in, and while those rooms were fairly big, anyone having a rather lively scene would tend to dominate the space. The intimate nature of the rooms meant some awkwardness for any spectators. The lack of much non-play space where people could gather and talk was a bit uncomfortable too. On top of this, the temperature and air flow weren’t great. It was hot and stuffy, and the climate control was clearly not set to deal with so many people.

I was disappointed, because I was in the mood to serve my lovely lady, and there were a lot of interesting gadgets to try. But when we couldn’t even find a spot for her to collar View definition in a new window me, never mind just finding a spot to sit down, it just wasn’t going to happen.

When we go out to play, we never actually know if we will play or not. It’s really a matter of circumstance. Some times, we do, sometimes we don’t. Sometimes it’s more fun to socialize. Other times, we just don’t find ourselves in the right frame of mind to get down to being kinky. We don’t feel that compelled to play in public. Every now and then, everything is right, the mood strikes, and it happens. But even if it doesn’t work out, it’s still a delight to dress up, go out, see new places, and be with our pervy tribe. Because even if we don’t play, other people will, and that’s always enjoyable, as well as educational.

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