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October 26th, 2001 · No Comments · Uncategorized


I could use more turtleneck shirts, if you are wondering what to get me for my birthday. Not that I’m a huge fan of turtleneck shirts, but they definitely serve a purpose.

When >Conny keeps me >collared for a few days, I start running out of wardrobe options. It’s not that I mind people seeing me collared. It just isn’t something I want to broadcast in the work place. More for other people’s comfort than mine. Honest. I swear. Okay, it’s for me a little bit.

Not many shirts or sweaters I own provide adequate coverage. The collar View definition in a new window I wear is actually somewhat snug, so it rides my throat a bit high, with the lock front and center. If I am wearing just a t-shirt, the chain is quite visible, though the lock might be obscured. Unless I move around a bit, and then it tends to work its way out.

There’s always the option of wearing a button-down shirt with the buttons buttoned all the way up. That completely conceals the collar. It also make me look like a bit of a dork. So, once in awhile, I look like a dork at work. I prefer to go with sweaters with chunky collars, which look a lot less dork-like.

But even with a t-shirt on underneath, and fat sweater collar, the chain often is visible. In and of itself, a chain isn’t a big deal, but my collar chain is a bit clunky. Not that anyone at work would be so impolite to comment on my unusual taste in jewelry. Except maybe Dennis, but he would do it to bust my balls, and he’s discovered this page anyway…

I still like to keep it discreet. So I usually fuss with my shirt collar all day, making sure it lays right, and provides the most coverage.

I bet this seems like a shitload of trouble to go through. Why not just take it off for work?

Because, all this fussing and fretting and adjusting reminds me of one important thing: the woman I love. The weight of chain around my neck is her touch upon my heart by proxy. It’s our shared “secret” and the slight awkwardness and minor nuisance is a small gift of effort I give to her. It’s a sign of devotion and commitment.

And never mind that I don’t have the key to take it off anyway.

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