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October 25th, 2001 · No Comments · Uncategorized

Appropriate Attire

No >Gomorrah for >Conny and I last night. With Halloween approaching, we know we’ll be going out quite a bit over the next week. There’s a >T.E.S. party on Saturday that we want to go to at the Nutcracker Suite. And with Halloween falling on a Wednesday this year, Gomorrah should be quite a lively party too. So last night we took a break.

Instead of hitting our fave kink club, we went to see “From Hell,” which was an entertaining distraction. The group of guys behind us were a less entertaining distraction, since one fellow demonstrated his complete inability to speak in a quiet voice several times throughout the film. Mental note to self: teach my kids how to whisper. It will serve them well in later life.

Halloween is a great time to be kinky, because it’s all about dressing up. The challenge is how can we escalate our already unusual dressing for a kinky Halloween party? Our plan is for Conny View definition in a new window to be a “Spider Queen” and I’m going as her cocooned prey. This weekend will involve putting the whole matching ensemble together.

Never mind that I’ve talked my colleagues at work into doing a group costume. We’re fives guys and three ladies, so we’re going to do the Gilligan’s Island thing. Unfortunately, we have a surplus of one guy. So, I think that means I have to be the island…

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