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October 23rd, 2001 · No Comments · Uncategorized

Weakest link

One by one, piece by piece, the kinky will inherit the Earth.

Well, maybe not the Earth, but once in awhile, we might get a blog or two. And really, that’s probably enough.

It pleases me to no end to see a friend, and a fellow kinkster, take the plunge into this gonzo therapy on a shoestring budget thing we call blogging. Right now he thanks me for the inspiration, but mark my words, in six months, when the whole thing comes crashing down around his ears, he’ll send the Mossad out after me.

But until TopKnot realizes the perils of this bizarre little web-ritual, there’s some good reading to be had. Get it while it’s fresh.

I also cleaned up the links a bit. One of the winners of the Nosuch Anniversary contest, Dandelion, welcomes you to her blog garden. I also get to link to Keyser Soze’s latest effort, his Nuages blog, which will probably languish like his last effort now that he’s discovered Dark Ages of Camelot. Some people leave dead blogs across the Internet like droppings… Me, on the other hand, I just leave droppings in my own blog.

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