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Geek Chic

My current cell phone was once a wonderful piece of technology. Sadly, it’s long since past its prime. The former owner of this early digital Motorola Star-Tac managed to rip the antenna off, which does wonders for signal strength. In his frustration with the poor reception, he pounded upon the keypad with such rage that the top row of keys only works occasionally. And his shouts to overcome the static and noise must have effected the phone adversely as well, since the speaker in the phone sometimes just doesn’t work. Always a pleasant surprise when you’re answering an incoming call.

The price for this phone, which replaced the one I lost that was in the prime of its technological life, was $0. At first, it seemed like a really good deal. Now, I think I should have charged a small fee for taking it off the hands of the previous owner. I guess that’s hindsight for you.

Since the phone is more like a pseudophone, being useless for both making and receiving calls, I think it’s time to replace it. I haven’t had a prime gadget to fondle for quite some time. And I’m taking this opportunity to consolidate my geekery.

Kyocera QCP6035

My new phone will be the Kyocera QCP 6035. The folks at Kyocera took the old PDQ phone by Qualcomm, and put it on a serious diet. It’s still hefty for a cell phone, but it’s about the right size for an organizer. The cellphone just gets to ride along for free. They also added a vibrating ring, something the PDQ lacked, and that’s a feature I absolutely require. I even scored a nice price by snooping around eBay. Actually, >Conny helped with the snooping. I would have paid full price. But she’s just trying to make sure I don’t piss away our corset money in the wrong place.

As a wireless doodad, I think it’s ideal, and people who’ve reviewed it love it. It also opens up the possibility of being able to update the page while on the move. A scary thought, I know. Phone, wireless web, email, and organizer, all in one toy device, what could be better?

I never thought I’d give up on my Psion, and I may still keep my Psion around for writing and note taking. It depends on how comfortable I get with graffiti. Ideally, I’ll be able to just use the phone-a-ma-jig as my one geek toy fits all (excluding my favorite MP3 player, of course). I’m not too optimistic about that outcome. We will see. I’ll share my experience with the gizmo once it arrives.

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