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Burning down the house

Pardon me, while I indulge in a full-out >Clan Lord moment. There won’t be much exposition here for those people who don’t play, so I apologize in advance.

Something big happened in Clan Lord the other night. A tragic event, actually.

The work and efforts of many people, the >Nox Sorora, their followers and friends, were destroyed in an act of arson. This makes no one sadder than me. We’ve been waiting for the completion of the Chapterhouse for almost a year now. In a matter of moments, it is nothing but a pile of ash and rubble.

It is an ugly act. A criminal act. I would like to get to the bottom of it. But, while we do this, let’s keep a few things in mind.

This is an >in-character event. That means it is best for all people involved to remain in-character in dealing with it.

No, Delta Tao didn’t target the Nox Sorora. This didn’t happen due to gamemaster whimsy. If you must know, the story was set in motion the moment the Chapterhouse builder appeared. Hephaistia, the name of the builder, was chosen as a combination of “Hephaistios” a builder of the Greek gods, and “Hypatia” who met with a rather unfortunate end. We knew what would happen, though the goal was for it to happen a lot sooner. Circumstance and logistics conspired to delay the firey outcome, I’m afraid.

This story is a tragic turn in the short history of the Nox Sorora on Puddleby. It is, however, not the end. Do not give up hope. Tragedy is an imporant device in storytelling, and a chance for all those involved to really develop their characters. Don’t stop now, and complain about out-of-character issues. The arson and plot were all in-character, as should be our response.

I tip my hat to the people who role-played along with the twisty story line. Please keep in mind that lies and deception ran deep, and many people cooperated without fully understanding what was at risk. Many people hate the Nox Sorora, and that makes them ripe targets for manipulation. The challenge now will be in understanding all the murky shades of gray involved. Did those involved in the arson, no matter in what way, act out of evil? Or perhaps, there is something more complex involved?

If anyone is not happy about how the Chapterhouse story has turned, there is really one person to blame: me. I’d love to hear your thoughts about it, though email is probably best, but if you want to do it publically, use the “discuss” feature. Please understand that I am not going to reveal anything about the in-character aspect of the story, because it’s still a work in progress. Nor will I reveal any of the names of characters who were involved.

Do not forget that without some occasional setbacks, victories have no meaning. Let people respond to this disturbing turn of events in a way that makes it our finest hour.

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