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Having Class

I’m going to take the outline from the recent >class on >SM I just did and convert it into a post (or two, or three). Don’t expect it immeadiately, though. Of course, those who know me don’t expect immeadiate results on anything.

>Conny and I met with Jeff for dinner last night. He’s one of the co-hosts of the >T.E.S. novice group that invited me to give the talk. He insisted on picking up the tab since I got it the last time we went out, but he made the mistake of allowing us to pick the restaurant. I love it when that happens.

We went to Hell’s Kitchen, one of my favorite places. We tried to go there recently, but the one and half hour wait was too much. Note to self: don’t go to Hell’s Kitchen on a weekend. It turned out the food is now awful, we saw a bunch of roaches, and the waitress assaulted Jeff. Actually, none of that happened, but I have to do my part to try to make this place go back to being less popular, and I figured spreading a few irresponsible rumors might help. But, what really happened is they served us great food, as per usual. Success can be a curse, sometimes.

And along those lines, over dinner, Jeff graciously flattered me over my recent presentation until my swollen head comfortably filled the fourth vacant seat. This guy should be a politician. While I’m floating high on his praise, he tosses out the bait. Maybe I could draft up an outline for my next presentation? It could then be presented to the calendar committee, and perhaps in six months or so, I could do another class on the topic of my choosing.

I remember this trick somewhere… Jeff knows my weakness. If the deadline is more than a month away, it fits into my mental “far away” catagory” so of course I’ll agree.

While I claimed otherwise in my class, perhaps I am a masochist. So now I’m drafting up a brief overview for a class on how to be a good submissive.

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