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New York City meets Munich

October 11th, 2001 · No Comments · Uncategorized


What a great night! Everything went great.

All the worrying and fussing and practicing and lack of sleep was worth it.

After doing the >presentation at >T.E.S., I was touched by the number of people who bothered to take the time to come up and thank me personally, and tell me how rewarding the experience was.

One gentleman came up and told me: “It was very motivating.”

The feeling of having done that is simply amazing. I suppose that hope, the hope of being able to touch another person like that, is the same thing that keeps me coming back to this silly web site.

As long as there is hope that sharing with others might just help someone when they need it, how can I ever stop?

At this moment, I feel truly fulfilled. Of course, that might have a lot to do with the wonderful treatment I got from >Conny at >Gomorrah afterwards, but who can tell?

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