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October 10th, 2001 · No Comments · Uncategorized

No rest for the wicked

Practice practice practice. As if I have time for all that.

Actually, I did have time for all that, but I pissed it away. Instead, all I have time for is just one practice. As in: one night of practice. The night before the actual >presentation night of practice. And it was a long night. Turns out I actually have a lot of material to present. >Conny was a trooper and feigned consciousness while I went over each section, usually more than once, into the wee hours of the night. Thanks to her, tonight a room full of people won’t watch me go “Uhh… Uhh… Uhh…” like a bad Butthead in leather pants.

Being a procrastinator is a lot like having a “time charge card”. You can go wild and waste time, and run up a huge bill, but eventually you have to make that “minimum monthly payment.” And thay payment is a killer. My problem is I manage my time like my money: I don’t. So everyone now and then, I pay for it. For tonight’s class, I will swap enthusiasm and panic in lieu of a proper night’s sleep. I’m pretty optimistic it will do the job. At least I didn’t need to pull an all-nighter to finish, and I grateful that I even did finish. That could have been the worst possible outcome: no sleep and not done.

So I’m a little sleep deprived, what’s new? Seems I’m unable to create unless my back is up against a wall. I don’t think my fatigue will impair the class too much. Once my mouth starts moving, I’m not too worried about my energy level. The rest of the room may get lulled to sleep, but the terror of being in front of a room full of people will keep me alert.

Somehow, even though I was only half-awake, I managed to make good use of the morning commute, which was just a bonus on top of things. I finished up doing the class handouts (8 pages) and restructured the content of class into a form that will flow better, and will make a lot more sense. I also had a chance to flesh out some weak spots. Because of the sheer volume of stuff I need to cover, I’ve had to reluctantly cut some of the more whimsical bits I had planned. At least the deposit on the trained monkey is refundable.

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