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Tying the knot

My good friends Kirk and Liz are getting married in less than two weeks. I know I’m looking forward to going to the wedding and having the following conversation a few dozen times:

Normal Wedding Guest: “So, how do you know the bride and groom?”

Abnormal me: “They are in my clan.” (sips drink nonchalantly.)

Normal Wedding Guest: “Clan?”

Abnormal me: “You know. The clan.” (makes gesture indicating large pointy hat.)

Normal Wedding Guest: “Err.” (uncomfortable shifting of feet)

Abnormal me: “Just kidding!” (smacks the back of Normal Wedding Guest hard enough to cause minor distracting drink spillage.) “We play an online game called ‘Clan Lord’. Our little online social group is a called a clan.”

Normal Wedding Guest: (trying to dry off hand holding drink with saturated cocktail napkin) “So they know you from the Internet?” (nervous look)

Abnormal me: “Now you’re getting’ it! Kirk and Liz are in my clan, on the Internet. We’re Rat Bastards!”

Normal Wedding Guest: “Rat Bastards?”

Abnormal me: “Want to see the official Rat Bastard salute?”

Normal Wedding Guest: (panicked) “No! No! That’s alright.” (looking around the room anxiously) “Pardon me, there’s someone on the far side of the room I need to see, right away.”

Abnormal me: “Suit yourself.”

After all, weddings are a great time for me to exercise my quality people skills.

The real challenge of the wedding was finding just the right thing to wear. >Conny and I went looking over the long weekend, and we had great success. I know that going in all-black will be too formal for this wedding, so Conny View definition in a new window and I opted for the matching red PVC outfits. The only problem is the shoes. While my knee-high lace up Doc Martens look really sharp, I feel I should wear something a little more dressy. I guess there’s still more shopping to do.

At least we have our car and hotel reservations made. I saved a bunch of money by prepaying for the hotel room. I mean, since the wedding has to happen, and we have to go, why not prepay and save money?

I can’t wait!

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