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More Luck

I’m not exactly on top of my mail. Being a habitual procrastinator, bundles of bills and offers tend to pile up by the phone in the kitchen until there isn’t much of a counter to work on any more. Every now and then, I’ll open the ones with the “FINAL DISCONNECT NOTICE” in red on it, and quickly head to my bank’s web page to send off funds.

Sometimes I just need to get the kitchen counter back. Tonight >Conny and I will be entertaining for some people we’ve not met before. We share a good mutual friend, and since they are visiting New York from San Francisco, we all thought it would be fun to meet. Then we can all talk dirt about the mutual friend. How could that not be fun?

This calls for cleaning up a bit, and that means digging into the mail, and doing something with it.

Sort. Sort. Sort. This goes in the trash. This should be filed. This should be signed and returned. This says “Important Settlement Information Enclosed.” It’s a rather low-key envelope, and it actually does look like a check. Probably a scam, but let me open it.

Being from the San Francisco District Attorney, I don’t think it’s a scam. Because I once held a credit card from the evil financial company Providian. Turns out there was a class action suit against them, and I’m in the class. Therefore, I’m entitled to restitution.

Check for one cent

Attached to letter explaining this windfall is my share of the booty.

Now’s it’s really time to celebrate. Now excuse me while I rush to the bank to deposit this baby before the 180 days run out. I’d hate to lose out on my share of the settlement.

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