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October 4th, 2001 · No Comments · Uncategorized

Post No Bills

Now this is what I call a hangover. >Conny and I didn’t get in until nearly 4 A.M., and I have no idea how I actually made it into bed. I am pretty sure Conny View definition in a new window had something to do with it, though. I have to take her word for it, since everything after a brief interlude with the toilet is very hazy. Didn’t get my ass moving until after 2 P.M. today.

Yes, I hugely over-indulged last night. Disgusting, I know. But damn, it was fun. No voice this morning to speak of, since I feel compelled to blather on even when full-out shouting is required to communicate. It’s probably not correct to call it communication, since the people I’m shouting at probably still can’t hear me, but they nod politely.

I lie in bed with a pounder of a headache, but I’ve got to get my ass moving. Because today I must hit the streets, and promote.

I’ve got an introductory >class on >SM to teach on in 6 days. I need to get the word out. The problem is, people who are new to the scene won’t look in the usual scene places to find out about stuff. So I need to do guerrilla marketing. The man and woman on the street who have kinky thoughts but doesn’t know what to with them need to know about my class, damn it.

So I get a bunch of 8 1/2 by 11 labels, and print up stickers with the class information on, and an URL pointing to more information. Two fit on a page, and at Kinkos I copy up 100 sheets, and cut them in half. Now I have 200 signs. Now every lamp post, phone booth or signal box is a potential place of advertising.

Of course, I’m sure putting up signs like this is illegal in some way. Not like people don’t do in New York City all the time. So, according to my lawyer, I’m not going to say that I put up all those signs which are now all around Union Square, St. Marks Place and parts in between. If called to testify in court, I’ll swear that after I made the stickers, I merely left them at Kinkos. I’m as surprised as anyone to see them all over the place.

Well, I didn’t leave all of them at Kinkos. I still have more to put up leave somewhere for some kind stranger to put up.

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