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New York City meets Munich

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Last Train To Transcentral

Since neither sleeping or staying awake makes the train ride to work better, I do a combination of the two. I neither fully sleep, nor really stay awake. It’s a lot like how I was during most of high school. I even listened to music then too. One of the benefits of long curly hair was the ability to hide in-the-ear headphones. At least as an adult, I don’t have to hide them as I zone out.

Piscataway is a good haul out of New York City. In the context of a reverse commute, the train isn’t very crowded once we’re a few stops into New Jersey. The train has a few stops to go before I can shuffle to the company-provided van, when someone a few seats ahead of me gets a cell phone call.

This is not a hugely unusual occurrence. What was unusual was the voice of the woman who answered it.

Sitting a few rows back, I got to watch the heads of the people all around her slowly turn to examine the woman who was speaking. None of us could believe it.

Out of a young, but fully grown woman, was a voice like a cartoon character child. It wasn’t loud, but it’s pitch made it easy to hear her throughout the front of the train car. And all of us listened intently to confirm one thing. Is this really her voice?

It really was.

So she either has a great potential career doing voice over work for cartoons, or she is eventually going to be strangled to death by her significant other. And if a tape recording is played as evidence during her murder trial, no court in the land would convict someone who had to listen to that voice, day in, and day out.

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