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Short days fast nights

T.E.S. Flyer

I am not a morning person. I try very hard to miss anything remotely morning-like. Left on my own, I would probably head for bed when the sun comes up and wake in the more approachable afternoon. I don’t think much good has ever been done in the world before 1 P.M. I could be wrong, but even if there are few cases of this happening, I bet it was an accident.

Life was hard enough when I absolutely had to be rushing out my door at 8:15 A.M. That was a constant challenge, and one I failed regularly. It is pure misery now that I have to get up at 6:30 A.M. In the end, it’s probably just an hour difference, but it feels like an eternity.

The tedious commute doesn’t help. If I don’t sleep on the train, it’s a bleary slog. If I do sleep on the train, I get to work feeling like I just crawled out of bed with an hour’s sleep. Both options stink. I think drugs may be the final solution. Whether amphetamines or cyanide, I’m not sure yet.

I get home like something New Jersey Transit chewed up, swallowed, and regurgitated. It’s not pretty.

It’s amazing what having 3 hours sucked out of your day can do. As if I needed more assaults on my already fragile productivity. And I have a damn >class to do as well.

Since the class is meant for novices, I’m taking some initiative and with a flyer that I’m going to put up in various parts of downtown. At least I got that done tonight, as you can see from the inset. And no, the actual flyer isn’t that small.

I’ll feel so bohemian tacking them up around the city tomorrow. Hopefully I won’t get arrested. Actually, I guess >Conny would have to do the class if I were in jail.

Now there’s a plan.

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