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Fix me up

We brought the ailing laptop to Tekserve. With practically no wait, a technician sat down with us as we told him our tale of woe. Sympathetic nodding when we told him of the flashing question mark. A kind smile when we said we had all the data backed up. A wrinkled brow when we shared that the machine would not boot from a CD either.

He then spoke the words we feared the most: “It could be the logic board.”

>Conny tore the arms off the chair she was sitting on. I tried to calm her down, and the technician was gracious enough to add “but it might not be the logic board…”

He placed a magic Tekserve “intake CD” in the drive, and we watched and waited, as the machine went through it’s power up cycle. And like a light from the heavens, we saw the smiling Mac. The damn thing was starting up from CD.

So we discussed options. Since the machine started, it’s probably a software issue. We could leave the machine and for $140, perhaps within the week we could get the machine back. I mentioned to him that the PC card slot had junk in it and we’d like to get it cleaned, but it’s not urgent. For $180 more, they could try to clean the PC card slot, though that might need parts.

I had another idea. Since it seems my System 9 CD at home must be a bit too munged up for Conny View definition in a new window’s laptop to use, how about I just buy a new CD of OS 9, and just reinstall a system? We could do it right in the store, and if we have problems, we’ll leave the machine.

So for $90, I got another copy of System 9. We sat in Tekserve, and installed OS 9. And everything is all better. Well, not all better, the PC card slot still has that crap in it, but we’ll drop it off for cleaning some other time.

Needless to say, my good Conny is a lot less stressed out having her computer back. And when she’s less stressed, I’m less stressed. It was really nice that the Tekserve people didn’t charge us for damage to the chair either.

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