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September 27th, 2001 · No Comments · Uncategorized

Technology and nuisance

Now we have this snazzy digital cable television. Seeing as I’m paying for it, might as well see what’s on. Everytime I bother to turn it on, what do I find?

Big surprise here: nothing.

Well, at least 99% of the time there’s nothing. It’s just that 1% of the time that I pay for it anyway. It may have been a good thing I have no real television during the recent mess. Sometimes more “news” is not better. It can be a lot like picking at a wound.

Work is hard, and tiring, and the commute syphons off what little remaining energy I have. I cannot believe I used to do the commuter train from Westchester to World Financial Center every day. As I get older, I guess I get less patient. Or lazier. The end result is a personal energy crisis. Small tasks become overwhelming ordeals.

>Conny and I had planned to return to >Gomorrah this past Wednesday night, but techno-disaster struck. Conny View definition in a new window’s laptop decided to swallow it’s own tongue that morning, and needed intensive care. That consumed the entire night, and involved taking apart both her and my laptop, and doing disk swaps, backups, clean installs, waving a dead chicken, the whole nine yards. The end result was data recovered, disk rebuilt, but her laptop still won’t boot on her disk (but mine has no problem with it), or the CD-ROM. Very odd. Time for the professionals, I think. Tekserve here we come.

Sometimes I hate computers. But, it usually passes. Luckily I have a really bad memory. I think I’d throw the laptops out, but the Sims are indeed strangely soothing. They are more active than Nibbles the hamster is, that’s for sure. At least Nibbles is cuter.

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