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September 25th, 2001 · No Comments · Uncategorized

Hook me up

Time Warner Cable showed up when they said they would, and installed digital cable with Internet access. They also laughed at my nine-inch television set. Philistines. It’s a Trinitron, damn them.

Ontera (once called Dualstar), my former Internet service access provider stopped working with my router when they switched to DHCP (that’s dynamic Internet addresses for the non-propeller head). My router supports DHCP. It should have worked, but it didn’t. Ontera had no answer for the problem. After all, it’s customer equipment, not their problem. So while waiting for Time Warner to show up and make me and my monthly payment not Ontera’s problem, we just used a hub, and allowed 3 computers to pull their own DHCP addresses directly. Somewhat ironic, since Ontera switched to DHCP to conserve address space.

With the Time Warner cable modem, I just plugged the router in, and bingo. It pulls down an address from DHCP, and away we go. Me thinks the DHCP issue wasn’t just about my equipment…

The digital cable is better than the Direct TV line up I was getting via Ontera, and the Internet works, and it’s fast. Much faster. And, I’m paying a tiny bit less.

The disconnect order for the Internet connection from Ontera, which comes to me via Ethernet in the building, was set for a week ago. It’s still operating, but I’m guessing they do disconnects at month end. Part of me suspects they’ll never actually disconnect it, and they’ve got no way to know if it’s in use or not, unless they come to the building and look at the routers in the building.

Too bad I can’t aggregate two channels on my router. Wouldn’t add up to much, seeing at the the Time Warner feed is about 3 times as fat as the Ontera one. But I’d feel dirty just having my bits flow through their network, even if it was for free.

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