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While it’s an interesting conversation piece, a hamster in a large tank takes up a lot of space on the dining room table. Too much space, frankly. Eating with the new addition to the family has an appeal, but for only so long. Besides, when we are eating, the little furry mushroom is usually nestled deep within the pine shavings and oblivious to our efforts of “quality time.” The plan was to get a small table or cabinet for Nibbles home anyway.

Yes, that’s his name. “Nibbles.” That’s what he does, so that’s the name. The gender decision was by consensus, though Nibbles actually abstained from voting.

This gave >Conny and I an excuse to head out to Bed, Bath and Beyond. We need do our thing to help the economy, after all. As if I need an altruistic reason to spend money on stuff. It’s been a while since I added a few feathers to this nest, and I guess the time was ripe.

What started as a focused surgical shopping strike turned into a gluttonous cart-filling binge. I’m proud to say I did my part to stem the tide of economic uncertaintity and recession. Though, I did increase my own economic uncertaintity a wee bit in the process, I’m sure I can qualify for some sort of government bailout.

So now Nibbles enjoys a view from his new cabinet, which has plenty of hamster-related sundries tucked in the abundant storage space underneath. The candle supply is restocked, our inventory of glassware has been replenished and cushions rest upon the stool we so often sit in. The bathroom bristles with new technology, from an installed three-way shower-goop dispenser with hidden storage area, to a Braun toothbrush and squirt-gun. Conny View definition in a new window tells me the box says it’s a gum cleaner, but it’s got to be a squirt gun. Good range on it too.

I think we definitely got past the Bed and Bath and went straight to the Beyond.

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