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In honor of >Conny’s birthday, after much deliberation, we felt it was time to take things to the next step. It seemed, that in this difficult time, a celebration of life is what we needed. After almost a year together, we both knew that the caring for and nurturing of another life would only bring us closer together. And what better day to set out on this task, than a birthday?

We talked for a long time about this decision, knowing that it is a serious one. After all, we are talking about another living thing, not something you can discard when you grow tired of it. And we still face times when we might be apart, and only one of us can look after our little one. Are we prepared?

The answer, with much delight, was yes. Now, the best part: making it happen.

So we went to the pet store, and got a hamster.

He (or she) is a baby dwarf cinnamon hamster. And, on a hamster-scale, the little bugger is living in the Ritz-Carlton. We got a giant tank, and set up all sorts of tubes and houses and nests. At first I thought the little fellow (or lady) might be shook up from the trauma of being pulled from his (or her) hamster-mates, and I was worried we’d overwhelm him (or her.) From the moment we put the furry little ball down, he (or she) has been having a great ol’ time. Cute as the dickens, too. We can sit and watch him (or her) for hours.

Now the hard part: what to name him (or her.) I don’t want to disturb a sleeping hamster, since they get cranky when you do that, and he’s (or she’s) had a long day, so to give you a rough idea of the appearance of the new addition to our family, you can look at this link. Soon I’ll take a picture myself. But you can look at that picture, and become inspired, and share your thoughts for a name.

And please, we already explored all the insert-hamster-in-your-ass jokes between us, let’s avoid that, okay?

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