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New York City meets Munich

September 16th, 2001 · No Comments · Uncategorized


In the past few days, >Conny and I haven’t gotten out much together. I’ve either been at the contingency site for my job, or on standby at home, waiting for calls and trying to help out at work in any way I can. When we go out, we usually just out to run an errand, and come right back.

Today, I felt it would be alright to pop out for a bit. Things at work were at a bit of standstill because most vendors I needed to speak to about work weren’t around, it being Sunday and all. Since we are a bit shut-in, the goal was to seek out some indoor diversions. We set out for Union Square, to hit Barnes & Noble, and the Virgin Megastore.

The weather was mild and bright, so with the exception of shooting down from 42nd to 14th via the A train, we walked. It almost felt normal again, though posters with pleas for information about missing people and lit candles on the street would catch the eye. The bustle was back, to a degree, though subdued.

We hit the bookstore first, since Conny View definition in a new window consumes books the way most people go through potato chips. Conny stumbled across the books of Lauren Henderson, who defines her genre as “tart noir.” We picked up Black Rubber Dress and Freeze My Margarita. I’m hoping Conny won’t burn through them in a day.

From the bookstore, we headed across Union Square park, which was packed with people. Here posters for lost and missing loved ones were in abundance. Memorial shrines with flowers and candles lined the paths. Impromptu artwork from sculptures to chalk drawings on the brick paths called for remembrance and togetherness. Bands solemnly performed music and sang for peace and unity while those around them held candles. A sign outside a playground declared “This is a hate-free zone.” Thoughts of anger, revenge and retribution were not to be seen. The display of humanity was touching.

Slipping into the Virgin there, we looked around for some entertainment software, but found the selection lacking. The Times Square Virgin store is better for software, apparently. After enjoying an iced tea in the cafe and watching the Square, we ducked into the subway and rode up Broadway. Once inside the store, we winnowed down our choices to two titles. The Sims, for the Mac, and SimThemepark for the PC. Being a cross-platform household has some benefits.

I know neither of these titles are brand new, but the Sims is a safe bet for a way to waste a lot of hours. Conny had played an older version of Themepark, and this one did look like fun. And, at this point, we could use some pleasant diversions.

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