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New York City meets Munich

September 12th, 2001 · No Comments · Uncategorized


“Yes, yet another web log. Certainly not what the world needs, but I am too lazy for anything else.”

It was one year ago today I started with this nonsense. Who knew I’d manage to stick to this for a whole year? Not me.

In light of what’s happened yesterday, it doesn’t feel particularly significant. I was going to have a contest of some kind, and offer some Nosuch crap from the store as the prize, but I can’t get in the mood right now. I think I’ll defer the contest a wee bit.

I’m humbled and flattered by all the people who take a moment once in awhile to read this drivel. In a weird way, all of you have helped make me a marginally better person. I know, it’s slow going, but you need to remember you’re dealing with an idiot here… It’s not your fault.

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