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New York City meets Munich

September 11th, 2001 · No Comments · Uncategorized


The City is a ghost town. The streets are empty of cars, and quiet like I’ve never heard it before. Many places that would be open are closed, and even the places that are open are strangely hushed. We walked by various roadblocks at some interesections, with police or city workers sitting in trucks looking tense and drained. One cop was covered in ash, his dusk mask around his neck. I can’t imagine what he’s seen today.

We passed a woman, standing outside a doorway holding a bag of groceries, just sobbing. Who did she lose today?

This cuts across us all so deeply. Almost every person I pass seems to let their concerned gaze linger longer on me, and I know that I too, am returning that look. We all see each other, and think “Are you okay?”

We are not okay, though. But we will survive.

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