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Blame and Vengence

In my zombie-like state, devoid of a TV to relentles repeat the lack of real information about what happened, I’m left to roam the net.

Yeah, I know, not a much better source of information than the TV.

But, two things I saw really made me think.

Someone observed that after the Oklahoma bombing, all fingers pointed to “Islamic Fundementalist” as the people behind such an act. In the end, it turned out to be some Americans.

I’m not suggesting that Americans were behind this attack. What I think is important is for us realize we just don’t know. Stranger shit has happened before.

And the other concern I have is a sudden willingness to turn from freedom to security. Not that any form of security we could obtain by giving up freedoms could have stopped something like that. Except, perhaps, airport security… Giving law enforcement more powers over citizenry isn’t the answer here. I would hate to see this tragedy nudge us towards a totalitarian state.

Blind vengence will not bring back the dead. Revenge will not cause the Towers to arise out of the ashes. I want to see justice done to the criminals who did this, but I know that there will be no satisfaction from justice. But there’s no satisfaction from anything. That, unfortunately, is the nature of tragedy. But no matter how dispicable the deed, I will not allow myself to embrace hatred, or to endorse actions that might cause the death of more innocents. There are no simple solutions to this madness, and the greatest danger is decending into that madness ourselves.

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