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New York City meets Munich

September 11th, 2001 · No Comments · Uncategorized


When Conny View definition in a new window came for her second visit to New York, I took her to the World Trade Center. I myself had never been to the observatory, and I thought it would give her a great view of my city.

I had no idea how expensive it was, nor that there was over an hour wait.

We were pressed for time, and the day was so nice, we decided to skip it. After all, we could go some other time. It would always be there.

…or maybe not.

Things are extra quiet with the skies empty.

When I eventually manage to get back to work, and knowing New York City, life will start to move on fairly quickly, even with a disaster of this magnitude, I will have a view of the twisted scar of what was the World Trade Center. From 18 floors up, I will have a bird’s eye seat to the damage done.

It might be best if we just lower the blinds.

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