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New York City meets Munich

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It’s a beautiful, sunny warm day in New York. Yet the shadow of today’s attack weighs heavily. It’s visible on the faces of people on the street, who walk with more purpose than usual. There is disbelief on the faces of people waiting in lines at payphones, which are now essential since cellular networks are jammed. Phone calls placed to the city usually don’t even go through.

But, there is no panic. Shell shock, yes, but panic, no. Cars are stopped in long lines, silently in the street. People are focused on either getting home safely, or waiting.

Conny View definition in a new window and I were forced out of the apartment to get some news, since I have no cable feed here. We hit a local pub, which was packed. All eyes were on the televisions, which were tuned to various networks. Many people in suits sat around, slowly sipping beers. Women, dressed sharply for work, stared into space, teary-eyed. We order some food as we watch, but neither of us can eat much. There is no good news to be had. More information doesn’t provide anything but more anguish.

The sound of sirens is frequent. As we walked on the street, two men walked by.

“I should be dead. I was supposed to be in a meeting at the Trade Center this morning!”

I hear you, brother.

The people I work with all made it out of the World Financial Center safely, but affected. The scene was horrible. The magnitude is beyond comprehension. I have no idea what the next few days will be like. Everything is different now.

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