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New York City meets Munich

September 7th, 2001 · No Comments · Uncategorized


Come this Thursday, I will be a customer of Time-Warner Cable. I’ve already had my non-functioning digital satellite television feed turned off, and I’ve disconnected by spare phone line and switched long distance providers. If it weren’t for losing my current phone number, I’d cut off all contact with my last provider Ontera.

A good rule of thumb: If an Internet service access provider (“No, we’re an access provider, that’s why we don’t offer USENET news.”) can’t manage to (a) have a decent web page or (b) get their site running under their new company name after a year, they are probably lacking in the clue department.

I will not miss them, or their bad service. People bitch about the cable TV companies in the city, but I can tell you, my experiences with Time-Warner Cable so far have been a virtual model of service, especially in comparison to “We’ll tell you we’ll call you back, but we won’t… seven times…” Ontera.

I’m looking forward to my digital music channels too.

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