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At 1AM, Monday night, my Internet service provider, Ontera, shut down to “upgrade” to DHCP. Before this, I had a fixed address. They sent out a notice about the pending outage and how to configure for it once it took place.

Of course, I didn’t exactly remember when they were going to do it. That’s why I was playing >Clan Lord at the time. Not only was playing Clan Lord, but I was hunting in ‘noids by myself, a rather risky thing to do. The last image I had was entering the main ‘noid cave, and seeing 3 blue ‘noids and 2 green noids around me. For those who don’t play Clan Lord, the translation of that is “I was fucked.”

If being fallen in ‘noids was the worst of my problems, I’d be a happy man. Alas, my router doesn’t want to work with the DHCP (though it supports it), and my Internet service provider offers some off-the-scale bad support. Seven promises of callbacks, none actually made. It took a “I’ve called Time Warner, and scheduled an installation, and I’m going to cancel my Internet, my DirectTV and my phone service if I don’t get some help” phone call to get things moving. Ontera has my building wired, so they offer all these services. This would be a good idea and a handy thing if they actually had decent service.

All this grief and aggravation is more than offset by the fact that my better half is with me again. >Conny arrived Tuesday, so the absence of Internet wasn’t a huge problem.

Conny View definition in a new window is helping me focus on my presentation at >T.E.S., which is just a week away now. After spending a good portion of the night in lengthy conversations with my ISP, we had dinner, went for a stroll, and came back to really work on what I’m going to say.

Having no Internet connection made me realize how awfully distracting the Internet can be. Just like when I found out I had all this time on my hands when I stopped watching my itty-bitty TV, it’s amazing how many hours are rendered unproductive by my time online. I might need to get in the habit of unplugging on a regular basis.

Between Conny’s help and the elimination of the siren song of the Internet, we actually got a lot done. With the outline we hammered out, if I was shoved on to the stage tomorrow, I could muddle through it. Now in the next few days, we need to turn muddle into magic.

Preparation and practice, followed by more preparation and practice. Poor Conny. She’s going to get sick of hearing this stuff over and over. It might just turn her back into being vanilla.

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