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The Weak Link

I still keep getting periodic emails from the Hanes2U site. Their technical folks assured me that it wasn’t their system defaulting to “None” at my domain. “It’s our customers doing it.” I was told.

Still, I suggested they change their site to not require email, but big surprise, they aren’t really in a huge rush to do it. After all, it’s their customers doing it. If someone puts in a fake email address, they get what they deserve, right?

So, I finally got one of these Hanes2U emails on a weekend, during the day. I pick up the phone, and call the guy.

I explain to him that I’m getting his order confirmation with personal information, because of the email address. Needless to say, he’s completely shocked. A bit confused too. It takes me a few tries to explain to him what’s going on.

“But I didn’t order from a web site. I called an 800 number,” he tells me.

That explains it. Their customer service people must use the web site. That’s why it’s so consistent from just one company.

I thank him profusely for the tip off, and assure him I’ll follow up with the Hanes2U people. Now it’s my turn to call the 800 number.

The supervisor isn’t on, so I leave a message. While I’m talking to order entry guy, I ask him the question.

“You use the Hanes2U web site to enter these orders?”

“Oh yeah” he replies.

“When a customer doesn’t have an email address, do you put in ‘None’ at ‘’?”

“Yep” says he.

“Did you know that’s a real email address? That I get all those emails? With personal and private customer information?”

There’s a long pause.

“Really?” he asks.


Well, I asked him to pass on the word among his associates to cease with using my domain as their email dumping aground. Perhaps Hanes2U will no longer be Hanes2UandNosuch.

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