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August 31st, 2001 · No Comments · Uncategorized

Filth Factor

The disorder factor in my apartment is reaching a critical level. Somehow it was easier to turn a blind eye to it while >Conny was here to distract me. The moment she left, I realized how much stuff needed to be done around here. Being a master procrastinator, though, I was able to still somehow avoid facing all those chores. Now the situation is entirely out of hand.

I’m not a slob by any means. For a single guy, I’m slightly on the neat side. Or at least I appreciate and admire neatness, and aspire to it. When things are clean, I expend the extra effort to keep them clean. I’m much better on maintenance than I am on tackling the tough stuff. But once entropy gets a foothold, my discipline goes to hell, and things rapidly get worse.

I suppose I’ve got a bit of a bi-polar domestic disorder or something. What I really need is a cleaning service. Too bad they canceled my kidney auction on eBay, or I would have been all set. At least I have a long weekend to try and make a dent in the dust bunnies that are rioting openly on the floor. The pressure is on because on Tuesday, a friend will be coming by the apartment, and I’ve got to have the place looking like a human being lives here.

Maybe I’ll start by taking the nine two-liter soda bottles that line the kitchen counter to the recycling bin in the trash room. Did I drink all that soda? Yeeesh.

The big agenda for the weekend in addition to clanning is commiting my “Welcome to the >SM scene” presentation for >T.E.S. to some sort of solid form. On Saturday I’m having dinner with my friend Michael (no, another Michael, not >MJD.) who’s an actor, director and drama teacher so I can pick his brains. Not about the SM View definition in a new window part, mind you, but the presentation part.

Looking at the calender for T.E.S. makes me realize that I have less than two weeks to get my shit together before I’ll be standing in front of a room full of people trying not to waste their time. Maybe the cleaning can wait…


Blogger ate this post, by hollering that I wasn’t logged in when I posted it. Then, poof! The post is gone. Crap crap crap.

Usually I write in a seperate editor, and paste into Blogger, but not tonight. Great timing, huh? Luckily Blogger shoves the pending post into a cookie. Blogger didn’t restore the cookie right, but with my trusty text editor, I managed to copy the cookie out, clean it up, and post it anyway. So two failings of Blogger are redeemed by one smart feature.

If you ever have to do this, and you are using Internet Explorer on the Mac, you’ll need to point your editor at the Internet Preferences file in the Preferences folder. Search for “PendingPost.” I learned that Internet Explorer doesn’t write the cookie out until it quits, which took a leap of faith, since I could see the start of the post in the IE cookie preferences, but I couldn’t get at it to copy the contents.

As much as I love Blogger, I think I’ll stick to writing my posts in a seperate editor from now on. Now that Blogger has gone all XML-RPC on us, I should probably make my own web front-end for it. Like I’ll ever get around to doing that…

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