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August 27th, 2001 · No Comments · Uncategorized

Required Field

Web tip: If you demand users provide an email address for something on your web site, you better have a real reason for it. And if you have a real reason for it, you better validate the email address by sending a confirmation email which either contains a link or needs a response.


Because if you don’t, people will just shove crap in the field to get around it. Trust me on this.

I know this because this domain is frequently used for those crap email addresses. “None” gets a fair amount of email, actually. Recently I discovered the Hanes2U site must be requiring email addresses, because I’m getting a lot of order and shipping confirmations. The joke is on the people who gave the fake email address, because it’s a real email address, and I get it. And now I have their phone numbers and mailing addresses.

Pardon me, I have some hiliarious calls to make from the payphone on the corner. Boy are Roby Brandon, Jeff Alexander and Rita Wade in for a surprise tonight! Hoo HOO!

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