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Shoemaker’s Children

>Clan Lord is an online game. Emphasis on the word online.I would hope, after almost two years of Clan Lord being in business, Delta Tao, the company that made Clan Lord, would automate things. Ordering characters, for instance, which would get them money. If someone, on an role-playing impulse, decides “I need a new character,” they must either call Delta Tao by phone, or send an email to Joe. The process for buying other characters, as analog and primitive as it is, isn’t even documented on their web site. The price is there, but the methodology is never explained. Perhaps ordering new characters is some kind of “quest.”

Odd, because last time I checked, it’s the customers that send in the money. And I would think you would want to encourage your customers to spend more money. And to make the process of spending money easy. But, what the hell do I know about running an online game business?

When Joe and crew are around, they are prompt and helpful. But time your email to Joe badly, and your request for a new character can languish. I’d make a comment about customer service, but at this point I’ve come to realize that Delta Tao isn’t so much a business as it is a hobby that has some income.

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