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New York City meets Munich

August 17th, 2001 · No Comments · Uncategorized

Fill ‘er up

Weary pedestrians attempt a brisk pace along the trash-strewn western end of 42nd street. I often walk this way on my hurried journey from my building to the subway which will drag me downtown to the World Trade Center. It’s not a pretty walk, but I don’t live in the city because it’s easy on the eyes.

Many mornings I pass by the local Burger King, which even at 8AM manages to draw quite a few customers with its breakfast menu. Greasy, fast satisfaction awaits within its bright, clean facade, which stands in stark contrast to the large piles of trash which are often piled high on the curb.

This morning, at the curb outside Burger King, was a dark green tank truck, blackened with soot. From a canister which belched black, heavy smoke behind the cab of the truck came a thick hose, which snaked across the sidewalk and descended through the sidewalk cellar entrance of the restaurant.

The column of smoke pouring from the tanker made it hard to ignore, as did the lettering on the side of truck:

J&R Rendering

Collectors of Waste Fat, Grease and Bones

Business was a bit slower than usual in Burger King that morning.

Personally, I’d rather collect stamps, but some people seem to get off on collecting bones, so I guess waste fat and grease aren’t far behind.

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