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Long Arm of the Law

You know you’re not having a great party unless the cops show up. That means TES30 was an amazing party.

Friday night, the night we arrived, we went to check out what was going on in the convention center. Probably more than half the convention center floor was a play space, with various pieces of equipment. The claim being made was TES30 had the largest dungeon/playspace ever set up in North America. From our tour of the facility, I find that claim very believable. Lots of people were playing Friday night.

We, on the other hand, were too tired, so before 1 AM, we went back to the hotel to get some sleep. The first seminar was at 10AM, and that would soon be upon us.

Here’s what transpired that we didn’t see that night:

Before we arrived, the county police had come to inspect the goings on. They walked the floor, spoke to the >T.E.S. folks, and generally wanted to make sure that everything that was going on was on the up and up. There was some concern about whether or not solicitation for sexual services was taking place, but that was cleared up. The county police said as long as the event was run according to the published rules, there would be no problem.

The state police also came. They had more of an agenda, though. Because the exhibit center has a liquor license, even though no liquor was being sold, or even allowed, it still was required to abide by the laws that apply to bars. And, in New Jersey, that means no “lewdness or immoral activity” can take place on a licensed premises.

The police weren’t after T.E.S., or the attendees, or the vendors. They may charge the exhibit center with violations of their liquor license. But, really, that wasn’t the issue. The issue was a political one. Unfortunately, the state police came into the dungeon area with a camera to collect “evidence” against the exhibit center. That basically caused a panic. There are a lot of people who want to keep their SM View definition in a new window activities within the community, and the idea of having a video tape become part of public record is enough to intimidate a lot of people.

This wasn’t a great start to the event. It wasn’t made any better by the new rules that had to be put in place for the event to continue. No nudity, no fondling, no penetration with any object, and nothing obscene could be displayed. These restrictions are much more stringent than what you’d find in an SM club in New York City. At least you could still beat the crap of someone, though. Just remember next time you are in New Jersey, you can pull out a flogger and start wailing away on someone, but don’t squeeze her tit.

These changes meant that vendors couldn’t sell pornography, or dildos, or any toys that remotely resembled genitalia. It meant that presenters often couldn’t do the demonstrations they had planned. Some presentations had to be outright canceled. A lot of heavy players were very disappointed that the wonderful play space could barely be used.

For >Conny and I, the changes were a little annoying, but in the end, it really made no difference. We had a great time, the presentations were really good, and we were with a ton of our friends. The T.E.S. folks kept everything running as smoothly as possible in spite of the difficulties. I can’t wait for the next event.

I have lots of details to share, too. Soon. I took notes so I won’t forget the good stuff. But the collar View definition in a new window remains on from the weekend, and I have some duties to perform.

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