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August 9th, 2001 · No Comments · Uncategorized

Giving it back

For those who live in cool, dank caves and are missing all the humid fun, over here in the City it’s been sweltering. The oppressive heat smothers like a thick steaming blanket. Not exactly get out and go weather. More like stay in and snuggle up with the air conditioner.

Not surprisingly, the turn out at last nights >T.E.S. meeting, where >Conny was a panelist, was a bit light. Panels don’t generally draw a crowd, and the topic was a bit abstract: “Beyond Novice.” Conny View definition in a new window didn’t seem to mind the slightly more intimate, less intimidating crowd.

The panel was four people: Lorialan, Topknot, George and Conny. Four people, very different tastes, experiences and orientations. I’ll hand it to Jeff, he picked a very balanced group. He also picked a group with a fine sense of humor. We weren’t more than 5 minutes into the discussion, and the ice was broken. The audience was laughing at the amusing stories and silly jokes, and everyone on the panel had shed those initial jitters.

Usually a T.E.S. meeting goes from 8 pm to 9 pm, maybe 9:15. Jeff and Lady Red let the panel continue until after 9:30pm. When the presentation is over, there’s usually a discussion, which I figured due to running so late, they’d skip. Between that and the moderate turn-out, I thought so few people would stay anyway, there’d be no point. Even on a great night, half the people skip out on the discussion. The big surprise was that not only were we going to have “circle,” as its called, virtually everyone stayed for it.

I’d say the night was a huge success. Conny had a great time, and she did an amazing job, even cracking some fine jokes. The best part was being able to sit with people who are just on the fringe of discovering kink and who are about to start the exciting journey of actualizing it in their own lives. What a delight to be able to help welcome them to our pervy little tribe.

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