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Mission: Exhausted

One of these days, I will get to bed before 2AM during the week. I hope.

The plan for tonight was to head to >Gomorrah with >M.J.D. and his boyfriend Oliver, so they could see what all the hub-bub is about. Before we found out that M.J.D. and Oliver were going to be around this week, we thought we’d bag off the Wednesday fetish fun and take it easy. It’s rare that M.J.D. is here during the week, though, so sleep be damned, off we’d go.

Usually when >Conny and I have been burning the midnight oil, or 2AM oil in this case, we pick either going to the Wednesday >T.E.S. meeting, or Gomorrah, but not both. It’s a lot to pack in one night to do both. Circumstance wasn’t going to let us off the hook that easy. Our friend Topknot leaves the country indefinitely in a mere two weeks. We hadn’t seen him in a while and we had said we’d see him at this Wednesday’s meeting. The topic was “Spontaneous Bondage,” something we didn’t want to miss.

We made these plans before we knew we’d also have to hit Gomorrah, and before knowing that the Tuesday night before would be a long one. I had a dinner with my group from work, and M.J.D. scored tickets to Beauty and the Beast, and he took Oliver and Conny View definition in a new window to go see it. Now I work with some pretty swell people and all, but I think they got the better deal. When they came prancing through the apartment door at close to 11PM, of course we had to go for a drink. Or two.

So much for resting up before an action-packed Wednesday. Conny and I went to bed, or more precisely, I managed to take a brief nap. Before I know it, it’s time to get up at 7AM, or a few presses of the snooze button after 7AM. Off I go for a packed day of total chaos at work. The day goes so long that I don’t even have time to come home, so I meet Conny a little before the T.E.S. meeting, which starts at 8PM.

At least we got charged up at the presentation, though. Todd did a hilarious but inspired impromptu interrogation on Sandra. They followed it with a kidnapping scene which Sandra clearly enjoyed a great deal. Probably because Todd used a black pillowcase as a hood, which prevented her from being distracted by the audience. I’m sure the breast bondage he did on her also helped too. When he let her go, she was blissed.

The meeting ran a bit long with all the fun. We dashed back home, since we’d have to eat and get changed for the festivities to come. Conny whipped up a quick bite while I tried to track down M.J.D. Dinner was good, but I struck out. M.J.D. was nowhere to be found. It was still early, so we figured he’d call in awhile. Now, in this situation, Gallant would get dressed and get ready to go out to the club, while Goofus would lounge around and relax, and dress at the last possible minute. Goofus knows that there’s a good chance that plans made with M.J.D. have a tendency to “shift.” Must be a Bermuda thing.

So, as midnight comes and goes, it becomes clear how far the plans have shifted. Of all nights, while I’m sad as hell that my ace-boy is missing Gomorrah yet again, I kind of don’t mind that much.

But still, I don’t manage to get to bed early. Again. I never learn.

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