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July 30th, 2001 · No Comments · Uncategorized

Shuffle up

I’ve been tweaking the links at the side a bit here and there, but probably a few introductions are in order.

Shepherd has bifurcated his >blog: Rock Out With Your Flock Out is his supposedely >Clan Lord related blog, Phone Blog is, well, something else.

This cheap trick to get two links apparently is the latest trend, since Forey is offering two new blogs as well. Just like Shepherd, he’s got an >IC and OOC blog now. To nip this devisive trend in the bud, I link to only one of Forey’s Exploits, but his two blogs are really one offering, and his site makes it easy to go back and forth.

Jazz’s great Clan Lord journal site is back. It’s great news for Clan Lord players (and the current entry is hilarious), but looks like bad news for Jazz, who’s attempt to get unaddicted from Clan Lord seems to have failed. I hear there’s a patch you can get now to help with the cravings. Welcome back, Jazz.

A long overdue introduction to Laurie’s bit-o-blog at the Daily Cup of Tea is in order. Laurie is Kirk/Keyser Soze’s better half, and more frequent blog updater than him to boot. She is a fellow >clanner, but you non-infected people don’t have to worry, I don’t think she’s written about Clan Lord once. It’s amazing what a steady relationship will do to your desire to play Clan Lord.

Mortis is another clanner striking out with a blog of his own, and the results speak pretty well for themselves. Mortis doesn’t fuss too much with things like spelling and punctuation over at A Day in the Life, but if you can look past that, you’re in for a good ride. It’s not every day you get to read a blog that will no doubt be subpoenaed for part of a criminal trial at some point in the future. It’s a fascinating glimpse into a very unusual mind.

Enjoy the other sites, but come back to Nosuch once in awhile and click refresh a few dozen times, so I feel like there are still a few people who read my drivel.

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