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New York City meets Munich

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Quite a full weekend we had. Full to just the right degree as well. Quiet days, packed nights. Enough time to rest and relax, but only just enough.

Jeff joined me and >Conny as we tested a hidden but nearby restaurant, Vintage, for Friday night’s dinner. With the exception of lax service, we were pretty happy, and concluded we’d go back again.

Saturday we actually made it out of the house around noon to head for grass, trees and sun in the park. Sitting in Sheep Meadow of Central Park, frisbees, footballs and other airborne toys darted back and forth in the unusually mild late afternoon weather. Hustlers hawked cold Heinekens and Coronas from perspiring duffel bags as we sprawled on our street market sarong-turned-blanket. We basked in the sun, lazily turned the pages of our books, and watched the masses frolic and loaf from behind the shelter of sun glasses.

Before the sun slid too low in the sky, we headed home. Our plan was for a quiet evening at home, much needed by me after the past sleep-deprived week. >M.J.D. and his boyfriend Oliver, recently returned from a long stay in Japan, surprised us with a visit. The two of them had been apart for many months, and M.J.D. had been miserable in Oliver’s absence. This was definitely a cause to celebrate, even though Oliver was still wrestling with a heavy burden of jet lag. Dinner is always an occasion for M.J.D., and he saw Esca, the posh place on the corner, and so Esca it was. We stayed out too late, drank too much wine, and ate far too much.

After we left M.J.D. and Oliver and came back to the apartment, the evening’s indulgence overcame Conny View definition in a new window, and she was out for the night. Unfortunately, she was out for the night on the couch. Since I couldn’t get her to find more comfortable accommodations in the bedroom, and I couldn’t bring myself to leave her there, I camped at the computer. Four hours later, I had written a heap of code, finished up a big project, and then managed to finally get Conny into bed, where I joined her.

Finally, on Sunday, recovery was in order, and the day was truly lazy. Isn’t that what Sundays are for?

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