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New York City meets Munich

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7:00 AM comes like a freight train

I hate Thursday mornings.

Or, more precisely, I hate Thursday mornings that follow a night spent at >Gomorrah. But, I love going to Gomorrah with >Conny enough to make up for the suffering which comes the next day.

Wednesday here in New York City was oppressively hot and humid. Conny View definition in a new window and I were considering going to a >T.E.S. meeting in the evening. Knowing that we would venture out to Gomorrah late that night, we decided to avoid squandering our energy struggling against the mugginess getting to and from T.E.S.

Besides, one of my best mates from >Bermuda, >M.J.D., was in town. The lucky little bastard had scored a prime ticket to Madonna’s performance at Madison Square Garden. Our plan was to meet afterwards, so we could finally show him our favorite little pervy night spot. After all, if I had a nickel for every gay bar the guy has dragged me too… Though I always have fun with him, so I’m not complaining.

I was already dragging my ass from too little sleep from the night before, and the night before that one. I am cursed with loving to sleep, but hating to go bed. Especially when I have well-rested company with me. I didn’t want to be the fading old man at Gomorrah though, so I managed to pack a nap in. I wanted to be fresh and able to party all night with two of my favorite people, M.J.D. and Conny, in one of my favorite places.

M.J.D. called me and woke me up out of my nap around 10:30PM, and I gave him the address of Gomorrah. Conny and I got ourselves dressed, always an adventure when we’re going out to Gomorrah, and headed out. Conny was delighted to wear her new “poofy skirt” and PVC corset. With the weather being scalding and all, I opted for the “less is more” approach. My little rubber pouch and boots, and a mesh shirt were enough for me.

During the winter, it was possible to head out of my building somewhat discreetly under cover of a long coat. Summer affords us no such protection, though Conny draped a light jacket over her shoulders as a small gesture to modesty. In her corset her d├ęcolletage can cause quite a stir, which is fine at the club, but irritating on the streets as we hail a cab. The doormen who work nights at my building have seen a gradual progression as the temperature on Wednesday nights has risen. We get big smiles from them on our way out.

For once, the skies were not pouring down rain, though we did feel a few drops, so hailing a cab was easy. We made it to the club comfortably before midnight and made our way inside. We immediately bump into J, who’s even a bigger fan of Gomorrah than we are, if that’s possible.

I thought the crowd would be light because of the weather, but kinksters are not so easily deterred it seems. Like clockwork, shortly around midnight the place was packed. We mingled, chatted with familiar faces, sipped our drinks, and kept our eyes out for M.J.D. We got to enjoy a fetish fashion show, though I was disappointed M.J.D. wasn’t around to see it being the glamour slut that he is.

As the evening went by, and my two companions, J and Conny started to fade, it became pretty clear M.J.D. wasn’t going to make it. Probably couldn’t scrape off the people from work in the end. Damn shame.

After giving my good lady a nice foot massage while blindfolded, I got to try out our new flogger on J. That was a lot of fun. He made a great practice target with his PVC outfit taking all the bite of the flogger and turning it into pure thud. It was hard to do wrong with the flogger because of that, so it was easy to relax and experiment with technique. It’s a very physical act, for both the one receiving the flogging and the one giving it. J. enjoyed it a great deal too.

We left a little after 2:30AM, but somehow didn’t actually end up asleep until after 4AM. M.J.D. flew out the next morning for some meetings in Canada, but he’ll be back in the city this weekend, and I’ll be able to find out what happened.

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