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June 28th, 2001 · No Comments · Uncategorized

Hello aspirin my old friend

Sleep deprivation and a hangover are the Scylla and Charybdis of Wednesday night, and inevitably I find myself succumbing to one or the other, or both, on a Thursday morning. Today is no different.

Attendance at a big party like Gomorrah on a Wednesday night a challenge to those of us who have to show up in an office at 9AM the following day, especially when that party doesn’t really get under way until around midnight. I think I was finally asleep last night around 4AM. It’s not so much “going to bed” as it is “taking a nap.” Makes me pretty useless the next day, which isn’t great when I have scads of painful and mind-numbing code to write.

And no early night tonight either. My older sister comes to New York tonight, and Conny and I are hooking up with her, my niece Joanna and her friend Neville. We originally planned for drinks to be followed by dinner somewhere, but I may weasel out of the dinner. We’ve got plans for a dinner on Saturday night, so I don’t think missing tonight will be a big deal. The danger is if I start having a good time, I won’t listen to my body crying out for mercy, and I’ll do another long night tonight.

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