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May 28th, 2001 · No Comments · Uncategorized

Another Fifteen Minutes

Back in February Nori used yours truly as a bondage prop for a performance she did at Gomorrah. That little event was taped for Gotham TV, and they even interviewed your humble correspondent, both before and after I was made to dangle from a hook by Nori’s careful ropework.

In spite of no mention of it at all on the site, the producer of segment assured me that it was finally going to air on Sunday. The big problem is I don’t get the Metro Channel in my apartment. Crap crap crap!

Luckily, even though she was unable to see the world premiere, Jennifer was nice enough to let Conny View definition in a new window, Michael and I use her apartment to watch it. She even set up her VCR to tape it for me.

We ordered some pizza and settled down for the show. It’s a magazine show with several segments, so we had no idea when it would play. They gave a teaser or two for it and I was worried they might save it to the very end, but about half way into the show, there it was.

I feel bad for the poor buggers who do all the work to make the segments. For what amounted to maybe 5 or 6 minutes of airtime, they did a lot of work. I got two nice sound bites and managed to not sound like a total idiot, so I’m happy. There’s also a good shot of my pasty white ass as I get on to the stage. If you have a good VCR, you might be able to pause the show and look for the bruises from the caning Nori gave me a few days before. Or you might just find it funny as hell to see my pasty white ass.

Being on TV there is a risk of having to deal with people recognizing you on the street. Luckily the only people who might have been watching this segment of the show are the regulars at Gomorrah anyway. I have no idea what type of audience watches Gotham TV, but seeing as you only get it in New York City, it’s not a big one. It’s too bad Conny and I are heading to Munich on Tuesday, because I’d love to Gomorrah this Wednesday and see if anyone saw it. I don’t think I’m going to have a huge problem with autograph seekers any time soon. Especially after that ass shot.

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