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New York City meets Munich

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This way to the spanking

I’m on my knees, collared and leashed at the floor of my love. She’s relaxing in her corsetted finery, feeling pretty superior and in charge. We’re taking in a Saturday night at Paddles together. A short distance away a woman is bound nude, bent over a spanking bench, being worked over deftly by a leather-clad couple. The crack of leather on flesh is followed by soft moans. From my respectful and patient vantage point I see the approach of two people, a man and a woman. I keep my eyes down, as I should.

“So what does he do?” the woman asks.

In my mind, I imagine Conny View definition in a new window saying “Anything I tell him to.” Conny plays things a bit more conservative, wondering where the vague and strangely leading question is going. “Various things” she suggests.

“You’re pretty experienced at this, aren’t you?” the woman asks Conny. “This is our first time here.”

Conny and I understand the question much better now. Novices. They are curious and seeking guidance. I ask Conny for permission to speak, which she gives. First introductions, then I ask questions. What are you looking for? She’s interested in being dominated, he’s just coming along to watch. What have you done before? They went to another club a long time ago, but didn’t have a great experience.

The gentleman sharing the bench with Conny introduces himself. He’s new to Paddles also, and asks if he can listen in. So, still from my spot on the floor, kneeling, I try to offer some humble guidance to our three new friends.

Now they ask questions. How do you find someone to play with here? Look around and ask. You’ll have to approach to let people know you’re interested. Don’t be surprised or hurt if you don’t get an immeadiate “yes.” Often people will come back to you once they know you’re interested. I offer encouragement to them, and they head off into the club, to explore. The gentleman next to Conny lingers, and we chat some more. He’s been doing SM View definition in a new window for several years. He’s new to the U.S., and to New York City, and he’s never really done the “scene.” We share our favorite nightspot, Gomorrah, with him, which he jots down in his Palm. He thanks us, and also heads off into the club.

Later that night, as Conny leads me about on my leash, we look into one of the more discreet nooks of the club, which is occupied by little more than a chair. There are three people at the end. A man sits in the chair, his back to us, with a woman over his lap. Her pants are pulled down, and he is giving her a good, slow, firm sensual spanking. Her face is obscured by her hair, but it’s clear from what we can glimpse of her eyes she is floating in bliss. Behind the seated man, another man stands, watchful.

It’s our three friends.

It’s nice when things work out.

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