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New York City meets Munich

April 28th, 2001 · No Comments · Uncategorized

Spring Sprang

The city is so much more a pleasure when the weather isn’t hostile. Me and my lady went for a lovely stroll up 9th after a cozy dinner at the Film Center Cafe. I was craving their carpaccio, and we were both starving, and it’s close. Leaving there, we walked off the calories and enjoyed the mild evening by heading up to Venue past 84th for a drink. It’s a trendy little lounge with good music and expensive drinks. She was happy because they had Red Bull so she could get a vodka and Red Bull.

After our drink, we turned around and slowly worked our way back, peeking in the great shops. We stopped at the Starbucks on 59th for something cold and sweet. Once the frapuccinos were consumed, I took pity on my poor lady’s feet, and we hailed a cab for the remaining short jaunt to our door. After all, I’m not the one wearing the high heels.

When the night is cool and clear, I swear I could take in the streets of New York until the sun comes up. New York City is a different place when the bitter winds of winter lift.

Now to get out of the apartment and enjoy the day! Fear not, gentle reader, I’m taking my little Psion Revo with me so I can try to tackle some of the juicy stories of the past week in the depth they deserve.

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