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March 29th, 2001 · No Comments · Uncategorized


Chrish at Blogvoices is finding out that success can be your own worst enemy.

Of the 125,000 hits BlogVoices receives per day, only 9,000 of those are actually comment windows popping up. The remaining 116,000 are requests to “count the comments.” I realize the comment count is one of the more popular features BlogVoices has to offer, but the truth of the matter is — neither Pyra nor I have the resources to support the amount of computing power required to provide that kind of data.

(Odd that Chris has disabled “permalinks” from his Blogvoices news page, this preventing me from linking directly to his comment. Why disable such a great feature of Blogger?)

I find that feature to be pretty important to the usability of Blogvoices, but I can see why he’s got to do it.

Chris has made the code of Blogvoices available, so I think I’m going to start with that, and tweak it so it’ll work using local resources. That way,, Clan Lord Journal and Rock Out With Your Flock Out can have a discussion feature sans periodic annoying delays.

I’ll also get rid of the fixed window size too… That’s always bugged me. I’ll probably add another feature or two while I’m at it. Don’t hold your breath for this change, but at least know it’s a goal. It’s also a goal to make a script that will make the archives sorted in chronological order, instead of reverse chronological. It makes tons more sense for people coming to the site for the first time to be able to browse the archives in that way. And I can do it without breaking any links.

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